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Writing the AP English Essay: A Personal Trainer for the AP English Student

This text is similar to what a personal trainer can do in the gym: provide those eager and willing to learn with information and activities designed to increase writing endurance and to enhance, fine tune and shape the writing muscles being used in the AP English classroom and in college level writing assignments across the curriculum.

5 Steps to a 5: The AP English Language and Composition Exam

Think of this text as a resource and guide to accompany the AP Composition course. This book is designed to serve many purposes. It will:

    • clarify requirements for the AP Comp exam

    • provide practice tests

    • show models and rubrics on which to model and evaluate the reader’s own work

    • anticipate and answer questions

    • enrich understanding and appreciation of the writing process

    • help to learn pacing when taking an exam

5 Steps to a 5: the AP English Literature and Composition Exam

* a unique plan for preparing for and taking
the AP English Literature exam

* sample tests modeled on actual AP exams

* hundreds of tips and strategies for the AP
exam in English Literature